iPad 3’s Retina Display Gets The iFixit Treatment, Examines The Dense Pixel Display In Detail [VIDEO]

Unless you’ve been hiding away for the last week or so, you will have caught the coverage of the upcoming iPad 3′s Retina display – all-but confirmed thanks to a discovery of the new and improved part by MacRumors.

Having confirmed the display to double the current display’s pixellage vertically and horizontally (thus quadrupling the total number of pixels), MacRumors unfortunately couldn’t fire the screen up. For a little more technical expertise, MacRumors passed the unit on to iFixit, a renowned company in iPhone, iPad and iPod repairs, to see if they could elaborate any further.

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Apple At Work Getting App Demos Ready For iPad 3 Launch [REPORT]

We’re very much in the middle of the iPad 3 rush right now, with rumors, photos and all other kinds of things cropping up over the last few days. All the evidence points towards an iPad 3 announcement in the coming weeks, and the latest rumor corroborates just that.

According to our friends over at The Next Web, Apple is currently in the midst of a rush to get app demos ready for an upcoming demonstration of the new iPad 3.

Apple usually has a few select developers queued up for demonstrations during big keynote events, and the iPad 3 announcement appears to be no different. Expect developers to be up on stage showing off their wares, though we do hope we don’t get two hours of app developers trotting up on-stage to show us the 13th new game of the event! Continue reading