Easily Record Skype Or VoIP Calls With SkyRecorder App For iPhone

The good people over at eFusion have introduced an application to the App Store which offers the ability for users to record conversations which are taking place via services such as Skype, or through the use of other Voice Over IP services such as the iOS Viber application. The application is called SkyRecorder, and is predominantly aimed at people who find themselves on a VoIP call and need to take down notes but are unable to for whatever reason.

SkyRecorder offers the ability to record the full VoIP conversation into an audio session, and clearly records both sides of the conversation which gives context at a later date for note taking and referring back to specific points. The application offers a simple, single touch recording function to begin the process and does not limit the amount of time that it can record, although storage space is obviously device dependent and requires the iPhone to have sufficient free internal storage. Continue reading

By Brian Pham Posted in Home