Let’s help BPFoundation to make the best dream to poor!

I just visit bpfoundation.us today and I am so interested with it. I especially like their mission.

Their first mission is trying to provide medical services to Vietnamese refugees in Southeast Asia. BPF organized a network of students, doctors, and nurses into medical teams to travel to refugee camps and provided free medical services to Vietnamese refugees. BPF provided a way for pharmaceutical companies to furnish donations of money and supplies.

Their second mission is trying to help all of the poor people in this world. Every year a lot of people died by lacking of food, water. The finance that we receive from you will be fully used to support and care for the poor people. We’ve got a better idea, how about SHARING your food to them. Pay for the transport of non-volatile food to those who are dying of hunger. Thing about it before you buy that next piece of “must have” rubbish you can’t do without.

Some reasons that this charity working to help:

  1. Poverty
  2. Disaster Victims
  3. To prevent influence
  4. Education and the arts
  5. Animals
  6. Environment
  7. The elderly
  8. Diseases
  9. The abuse and violence

Please donate your best to this charity to help poor in this world! Every cent you donate will help a lot of people.


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