GEVEY Ultra S – Unlock iPhone 4S On iOS 5.0.1 / iOS 5 Baseband 1.0.11, 1.0.13, 1.0.14 [VIDEO]

New Turbo SIM interposers with claims to unlock iPhone 4S has started appearing now and then. This time it’s from a trust worthy and well know SIM interposer maker; Gevey Ultra S SIM Interposer. AppleBerry has put up their Gevey Ultra S for pre-orders to unlock iPhone 4S on iOS 5.0, iOS 5.0.1 baseband 1.0.11, 1.0.13 and 1.0.14.
Gevey Ultra S
iPhone Dev-team is also working on a software unlock for iPhone 4S but there has not been any update about it since ages. If you’re done with waiting for UltraSn0w release to unlock your iPhone 4S, Gevey Ultra S is a better option. You can pre-order GEVEY Ultra S from GEVEY SIM interposer is the most trusted one among other similar hardware manufacturers. Continue reading


iPad 3’s Retina Display Gets The iFixit Treatment, Examines The Dense Pixel Display In Detail [VIDEO]

Unless you’ve been hiding away for the last week or so, you will have caught the coverage of the upcoming iPad 3′s Retina display – all-but confirmed thanks to a discovery of the new and improved part by MacRumors.

Having confirmed the display to double the current display’s pixellage vertically and horizontally (thus quadrupling the total number of pixels), MacRumors unfortunately couldn’t fire the screen up. For a little more technical expertise, MacRumors passed the unit on to iFixit, a renowned company in iPhone, iPad and iPod repairs, to see if they could elaborate any further.

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Mozilla announces App Store

Mozilla, the founders of Firefox, today  announced Mozilla Marketplace, a device-independent market for apps based on open Web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. The new Mozilla app store will be launched at Mobile World Congress next week.
Mozilla Marketplace is like Google chrome app store which was launched a year ago, but it differs from chrome app store, Mozilla says that the apps in the marketplace will work on variety of mobile platforms.
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VLC 2.0 RC 1 Released

VLC, the popular multimedia player is getting next major update.Videolan, the developers of open-source cross-platform media player has already released first release candidate (RC) of VLC 2.0 and it is available for download for Mac OS X, Windows and a variety of Linux/Unix desktop platforms.

The final build of VLC  2.0 will be released in this week, according to developers they are 2bugs away from the release  : one in win32 with Core i7 and one in OSX. Continue reading

Advanced SystemCare PRO 5 Free Giveaway

Iobit’s Advanced SystemCare 5 is one of the top PC security, maintenance and optimisation suite, it was ranked one of the top two utilities on CNET’s annual list of the Top Downloads of 2011 for Windows, and took the top place in the Utilities & OS category.

Advanced SystemCare (ASC5 PRO) is a one-stop solution for PC performance headaches. By cleaning, repairing and optimizing, Advanced SystemCare acts like your very own PC technician. Continue reading

iPads help charge reading instruction

East Haven, Conn., reading specialist Gina Tomassi sits with second-grader Isaac Florentino for a quick reading evaluation, listening to him read a short story about a riverside village.

She’s conducted these informal, frequent assessments countless times with other students in her career, having nailed down a stop-watch monitoring, hand-tapping, note-taking routine that certainly seems a challenge for the uncoordinated or inexperienced multitaskers. But on this recent morning at D.C. Moore Elementary School, it’s all done with the touch of an iPad. Continue reading

Apple At Work Getting App Demos Ready For iPad 3 Launch [REPORT]

We’re very much in the middle of the iPad 3 rush right now, with rumors, photos and all other kinds of things cropping up over the last few days. All the evidence points towards an iPad 3 announcement in the coming weeks, and the latest rumor corroborates just that.

According to our friends over at The Next Web, Apple is currently in the midst of a rush to get app demos ready for an upcoming demonstration of the new iPad 3.

Apple usually has a few select developers queued up for demonstrations during big keynote events, and the iPad 3 announcement appears to be no different. Expect developers to be up on stage showing off their wares, though we do hope we don’t get two hours of app developers trotting up on-stage to show us the 13th new game of the event! Continue reading

Memory Cleaner : Free Up RAM Quickly

MemoryCleaner (aka MemClean)is light-weight memory optimization application that help you to reduce the RAM usage on your PC and this tool will be very useful for heavy PC users or those facing a shortage of RAM.

This smallest and most reliable tool optimizes your RAM usage by checking running processes and the system cache.If you find your RAM usage exceeding 60% regularly, then MemoryCleaner is an absolute must have and the app is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Generally  most memory cleaning tools are not very useful because many of them use ill-advised techniques that are only relevant to older versions of Windows (pre-Vista).But MemoryCleaner uses Windows built-in features to effectively  free memory  with no performance impact. Continue reading

Easily Record Skype Or VoIP Calls With SkyRecorder App For iPhone

The good people over at eFusion have introduced an application to the App Store which offers the ability for users to record conversations which are taking place via services such as Skype, or through the use of other Voice Over IP services such as the iOS Viber application. The application is called SkyRecorder, and is predominantly aimed at people who find themselves on a VoIP call and need to take down notes but are unable to for whatever reason.

SkyRecorder offers the ability to record the full VoIP conversation into an audio session, and clearly records both sides of the conversation which gives context at a later date for note taking and referring back to specific points. The application offers a simple, single touch recording function to begin the process and does not limit the amount of time that it can record, although storage space is obviously device dependent and requires the iPhone to have sufficient free internal storage. Continue reading

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Download Firefox 10 For Windows And OS X

If you’re a Firefox user then you now have a new version to download, with the popular browser being updated to version 10.

Other than being a nice round number, version 10 brings with it a few minor alterations that are not going to set the pulse racing, unless you have a particular hankering for a ‘forward’ button that hides itself until it has a function?

Oh, you do? Well then, there you go.

Other updates include support for full-screen web apps, perfect for games and the like, as well as extension management improvements across the board. With Firefox’s biggest pull being the huge number of extensions that are currently available to it, anything that makes the browser handle them better is going to get the thumbs up from us! Continue reading